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The leading oil boiler service, repair and installation company in Northern Ireland.

Oil Boilers are usually found in homes and business that are not connected to the natural gas network. 

They are the most popular method of home heating in rural areas. Kerosene is the only fuel available for use with both indoor oil boilers and condensing oil boilers. Kerosene driven oil boilers have a whole range of options available from wall hung to utility models and even combi Oil boilers.

Replacing your current oil boiler to a high efficient condensing model is straight forward process that will potentially save you up to 30% per year on your annual fuel bill. A new oil boiler will not only improve the comfort of your home but also comes with up to 10 years warranty (T&C’s Apply). All of our expert installers are OFTEC accredited and registered and we guarantee a first class installation

The Types of oil boilers available is quite similar to the current range of gas boilers available, with the main difference being the fuel needed.

Heat Only/Regular Oil Boilers

Regular boilers are quite simply single boiler units, they do not incorporate a circulation pump, expansion vessel, safety valve or associated components. They are the most popular oil boiler on the market today and will efficiently cover both space heating and hot water requirements. A hot water storage tank/cylinder will be required with this boiler type. Regular oil boilers are particularly suited to open vent heating systems.

Combination Oil Boilers

Combination oil boilers are ideal for small property’s that have a low demand for hot water. They will provide heat for space heating requirements while also offering hot water on demand. Because this boiler type offers instantaneous hot water direct from the boiler there is no need for a hot water storage tank/cylinder. This offers a greater level of efficiency as you only pay for the water used. However the hot water flow rate can be quite slow, so this type of oil boiler is not suited to larger homes.

System Oil Boilers

System oil boilers come as purpose-built unit housing the main components of a heating system. The circulation pump, expansion vessel, and safety valve are the 3 main components a system boiler will house. They offer a quicker install time along with a neater installation. They are ideal for both space heating and hot water requirements.

Replacing your existing Oil Boiler with us

By choosing to replace your current oil boiler with one of our “A” rated high-efficiency models you are guaranteed to save on your heating bill whilst also improving reliability and safety.

Heating Solution ni is proud to offer a full 5-10 year warranty on every oil boiler installed by us. Further enhancing your confidence. Upgrading your old inefficient boiler to a new high efficient model typically takes 1-2 days. Heating Solutions ni is the experts when it comes to oil boilers, being accredited installers for many of the market-leading manufacturers of Oil Boilers.