Boiler Installation Belfast

When the winter months are around the corner the last thing anyone wants is for their gas boiler to break down and to run out of hot water. Boilers usually last around 15 year, however the older they get it can become harder to heat up your home. This can lead to an increase in the amount of fuel used and a rise in your heating costs. If you are frustrated with your boiler it may be time to think about boiler installation Belfast.

Boilers are essential when heating your radiators and the water needed for showers and baths. When your boiler slows down or suddenly breaks this can lead to chaos within the home. This is why you should regularly service your boiler to ensure that it is working correctly. Servicing your boiler on a yearly basis can save you up to £150.00 per year. This money could be used on family holidays, towards a new car and much more instead of being used to heat your home.

Gas Boiler Installation Services Belfast

Servicing Boiler Installation Belfast

Our team of professional gas engineers will check your boiler to make sure everything is working as it should be. Faulty gas boiler appliances or fitting will cause harm to you and your family if not checked correctly. Throughout the service checks out engineers follow a checklist thoroughly, including:


  • Inspecting the property fro locations of the gas meter and appliances
  • Visually inspecting flues for locations and conditions
  • Inspecting the ventilation
  • Carrying out a gas tightness test and inspecting the bonding, pipework and fittings

Installing Your New Boiler

Modern boilers are energy efficient compared to older boilers. According to the Energy Saving Trust heating makes up about 53% of money spent on energy bills. By installing a new gas boiler you will be reducing your carbon footprint as well as reducing the money spent on heating bills.

Older gas boilers are larger in size compared to modern models. By installing a new boiler into your home you will create more space in your home that can be used for storage. These newer ranges of gas boilers usually come with temperature controls.

This will allow you to control the temperature within the different rooms of your home depending on how much they are used. This will help you to reduce your energy costs over time and reduce the amount of fuel that is used to heat your home.

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Servicing Boiler Installation In Belfast

Heating Solutions NI Gas Boiler Installation Belfast

At Heating Solutions NI we understand the important part that boilers play within your home. If your boiler suddenly breaks down or isn’t efficiently heating up your home we offer a 24 hour breakdown service with a 2 hour response to ensure that your boiler will be and running in no time.

For more information on boiler installation Belfast and how it can make a difference to your home get in touch with one of our team members today.