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Gas Boiler Repair

Offering a 24 Hour emergency breakdown service.

At Heating Solutions NI we offer a 24-hour emergency breakdown service with a 2hour response, we understand how important your heating and hot water is and how inconvenient it can be when it breaks down. Our Gas breakdown Engineers are highly experienced boiler specialists and have years of experience to handle any situation. Once completed we will ensure your gas boiler is operating correctly and to the manufactures requirements.

Our team of highly qualified Service and Breakdown Engineers are all Gas Safe registered and are there for you 24 hours 365 days per year, providing you with peace of mind that your gas boiler will be repaired to the highest standards.

We offer and operate a unique booking system that will allow us to be flexible when booking appointments,

All parts used to meet approved British Standards and come with 1-year warranty

Gas Boiler Service

A yearly gas boiler service is required to ensure efficient and safe operation of your appliance. A faulty gas appliance or fitting will cause serious harm to you and your family if not maintained. A boiler operating inefficiently will have an effect on your carbon footprint. Having a yearly Boiler Service carried out could save you £150.00 a year.

Not having a boiler service carried out can cause incomplete combustion to occur within the gas boiler. this can cause carbon monoxide to occur putting you at risk.

Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas and for this reason, is highly dangerous. it is very difficult to know if your appliance is producing carbon monoxide with out preforming the essential boiler service checks. Having a regular gas boiler service carried out will ensure the safe operation of the appliance and also keep your home safe.

Under the GSIUR 1998, it is a legal requirement that only a gas safe registered engineer should perform any work gas appliance or gas fitting.

What our Engineers will carry out during a service

Boiler Service Checklist:

  • Visual inspection of the appliance
  • Strip down the boiler and clean
  • Inspect the flue/chimney
  • Reassemble the boiler, replace seals if required
  • Clean the condensate trap
  • Recharge the vessel and test the prv
  • Operate the appliance and test the flame failure device
  • Gas rate the appliance
  • Check the gas pressures at the appliance and meter
  • Carry out a flue gas analyst to the manufactures requirements
  • Check the burner casing seal if positive pressure
  • Fit sticker and flue gas print out to the boiler
  • Carry out tightness on completion
  • Test and leave operating safely.

Initial Checklist:

  • Inspect property fro locations of the gas meter and appliances
  • Visually inspect flues for locations and conditions
  • Inspect ventilation
  • Carry out gas tightness test, inspect bonding, pipework and fittings